1 Reason Time.com is so cool

Even though I’m only offering up one cool thing about Time Magazine’s web site (I’m sure I could find more if I really tried), it seems the best way to get anybody to read anything these days is to make a list out of it.

So here’s my list:

1. Copy and paste a snippet from one of their articles into an email or document!

How many times have you been reading something awesome on the web and you’d like to send it to a friend? You could find the appropriate “share” button on the page, but you’re not sure exactly what will get sent in the email message, or what the site will do with the email address you provide. Too many unknowns.

And what if you want to include a specific snippet from the article in the message, to entice your busy friend to actually click the link and read the article? To accomplish that you have to copy and paste the snippet, and then copy and paste the article’s URL, and then if you want, add in some friendly link in your email instead of just the raw URL. It takes effort. Effort you can’t afford because there are 22 Cats Who Are Too Proud To Admit They Hate Snow on BuzzFeed that you need to get to.

Time.com has *solved your pesky inconvenience!

Just copy a sentence or two from any article on their site and paste it into your favorite email or word processing app. Not only is the text copied, but also a line stating “Read more:” with a subject link and URL to the article. When I first saw that bit of magic, it made my day.

Sometimes it’s the small things. And, it’s not so much that Time is saving us a ton of time by adding this feature. But when a web site or app, a store or restaurant can make the mundane processes of life just a little easier, we smile… and we remember.

* Some other sites are doing this as well