Are all the niche social networks taken?

My friend Vinnie has two different size feet. The other day he was telling us stories about how, as a kid, when shopping for shoes his mother would take one shoe from each of two pairs and buy them as a single pair. Once we got through the ensuing discussion of the moral issues involved and whether or not his mother would ‘fess up to it today, it got us thinking… and like most modern day conundrums, the only solution is that “we should build a website!”

A shoe swapping site for people with mismatched feet!

We’ll call it something like ShooSwap or Shuzmazu (there must be some goofy shoe domains still available). The podiatric imbalanced can sign up, list their shoe sizes, and add pictures of the extra shoes they have laying around because they’re the wrong size.

The niche-iest of niche social networks!

Subgroups will organically crop up. All of the L-8/R-9 runners will connect with the L-9/R-8 runners, and the L-9/R-10 skiers will swap boots with L-10/R-9 skiers. We can cut deals with online shoe retailers. The possibilities are endless!

Well… guess what? Of course, somebody is already doing this! Seriously?

The National Odd Shoe Exchange has been around for 70 years, and the looks like the Facebook for unneeded soles.

So, I guess the bad news is that the web has become so pervasive that truly novel ideas are getting harder to come by, and there’s hardly a dusty corner anywhere left on the net. But, the good news is, Vinnie may finally be able to unload some of his unused Keds.