Rethinking software… and dishwashers

We’ve been spending a fair amount of time at the office shifting parts of our legacy Windows-based software to a web-based, cloud solution. Part of that process involves working with some UX designers from outside of the company to help us rethink some of the workflow decisions we made more than a decade ago. It’s interesting what a fresh set of eyes can do when it comes to crafting “better ways” to perform certain tasks.

It’s sort of like an issue I’ve had with our dishwasher. We’ve all dealt with it: the water that accumulates in the wells of the bottom of the glasses. Ugh! And when you pull out the top rack, you’ve got to take great pains to not jiggle anything because water may fall on the already dry dishes below. And forget about actually removing the glasses, particularly if they’re near the back of the rack.

There are a few things you can do to help mitigate this vexing nuisance, like leaning the glasses when you load them in such a way that a minimum amount of water accumulates. Or, I suppose, you could put anything with that type of well in the lower rack, but Mother always said glasses went in the top (I was never quite sure why).

But, like some new, elegant software workflow design feature, there is a simple “why didn’t I think of that?” solution… Unload the bottom rack first!

Another major first world problem solved!

Or, I could have just followed the lead of my nephew, Richie, who as a puzzled nine-year-old once asked me, “How come you’re unloading the dishwasher? Isn’t that Aunt Chick’s job?”